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What we do

Nellika's strengths are to implement Harita Karma Sena activities envisioned by Harita Kerala Mission/ Sanitation Mission with the help of software technology and data intelligence, with 100 percent public participation and under the full control of local bodies.

Nellika's ultimate objective is to develop the Harithakarmasena as a technocrat in the society rather than a person who comes to collect the waste, to develop them as personalities who are acceptable to people from all walks of life, to find new sources of income due to involvement in different sectors and to bring better income to the Harithakarmasena in a phased manner.

Problems we solve:    
  • Lack of awareness

    Lack of awareness among people about the scheme, law and implementation

  • Source waste collection Keep waste untidy, dispose without sorting, do not collect on time bound etc.
  • Violation of law

    Even though the Kerala government has implemented strong legislation, it is difficult to find those who violate it.

  • Life quality of Harithakarmasena

    Meager income and awareness of being a garbage picker in the society.

  • Digital Mapping Through Nellika Digital Mapping, all the houses and institutions under the local self-government are QR coded.
  • As part of awareness Scheme and method of implementation of the law and about of the Head of Local Self-GovernmentPeople are notified by an automatic phone/whatsapp message in voice itself.
  • Ensures segregated source waste collection at the door step
  • All information related to violations of the law can be digitally recorded and such people can be made part of the scheme through awareness and other measures.
  • Harita Karma Sena members can also earn a better income due to increased cooperation with the project and the collection of user fees.