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Complete Waste Management System

To reduces the effect of waste on the environment, health, and so on

"Nellikka" is one of the first IT integrated waste management tool developed in India for management of waste generation and for educating non cooperative customers, scientific disposal and tracking the performance of Haritha karma sena. Using the tool, the entire residence and commercials under ULB will be mapped digitally and the waste collecting team themselves will capture the details of waste generation, user fee collection, volume and type of waste, source level segregation etc. In Feb 2018 Pilot project was implemented at Thaliparamba Municipality of Kannur District Kerala and expanded to 7 UBL including Kannur Municipal Corporation and 7 Panchayth altogether of 2.28 Lakh residence and commercials. We are able to create impact in such a way that our activity is mentioned in NITI Aayog report “Waste wise cities 2022” (page no 180 to 183) and also we are awarded by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India as one of the "Top 30 Startups" in India. Our new upgraded system is designed in such a way to connect people digitally with local government and to contribute to solve local issues like waste management and grab different schemes, benefits to the common public issued by the government and also developing the waste collecting team, focusing on local circular economy, to upgrade their standard of operation digitally, as technocrats who are capable of delivering multiple services digitally and also a market place for local farmers, fishermen and manufacturers. Nellikka helped Kannur Corporation to be the first non metro city in India to onboard IUDX (Indian urban data exchange).